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We believe macro data is stuck in Medieval Times. Its collection and production has changed very little since the first consumer price indexes were produced in the early 1900s. We have extraordinary technology available to us to collect and produce real-time data, but statistical agencies have been slow to embrace it.

This belief is why we started to build our daily real-time inflation indexes several years ago.

In addition, discussions of inflation are everywhere these days, but often sensationalized or confusing. This newsletter offers an experienced take on real-time inflation dynamics and their broader macro and markets implications.

It is written by Rebecca Hellerstein and the team at Dotdat, whose proprietary database tracks millions of online prices in real time.

The newsletter covers releases of Dotdat’s daily inflation indexes for the US economy and its major sectors along with products like gasoline, cars, toys, clothing, beer…

In this period of rapid flux, Dot Macro’s daily measures may anticipate major inflection points ahead of official releases.

Understand real-time inflation dynamics to make more informed decisions — as an investor, entrepreneur, retiree, or anyone making household financial decisions.

Get in touch with us at hello@dotdat.io.

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